Fit Mindset – Episode 3 (I’m to old to exercise)

One of the biggest lies that I hear people tell themselves is “I’m too old to exercise” or “It’s harder to change you body when you get older.

If you watched the first episode, then you will learn that is a mental set point that has been created from the day you were born.

I bet you can recall your parents saying that, our maybe an adult when you were younger.

The truth is….IT’S A BIG LIE!

Watch this video to learn how you can change your body at any age.

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2 thoughts on “Fit Mindset – Episode 3 (I’m to old to exercise)

  1. Marci says:

    Thanks Joe! You make total sense.

    1. Marci says:

      The thought of being to old is just another excuse. Thanks!

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